Selected Poems

  1. “In Support of Violence” at Tin House.
  2. “The Terrorist Shaved His Beard” at Kenyon Review.
  3. “All the Dead Boys Look Like Me” at the Literary Hub.
  4. “Concerning the Necropolitical Landscape” at Poetry Magazine.
  5. “Transactional Sex with Satan” “Self Portrait as Sonoran Desert” “Yes, I Hate America” at Vinyl Poetry.
  6. “Forgiveness” at The Academy of American Poets.
  7. “[SOMEWHERE IN LOS ANGELES] THIS POEM IS NEEDED” at American Poetry Review.
  8. “Job Opening for Border Patrol Agents” at PANK.
  9. “Schizophrenic Fucker” at Prairie Schooner.
  10. “Transgender Security Airport” at Indiana Review.

Image by Carlos Violante, in response to “Those Sundays” by Christopher Soto.